Premiere of the crime comedy “Mister Mayfair. Serena’s game ”with Evgenia Akhremenko took place in Poland and the Netherlands

03 january 2022 · News

While we are all resting on the eve of new workdays, we want to share with you the news about some upcoming projects with our wonderful actors, which will be released this year.

Thus the premiere of the second part of the crime comedy “Mister Mayfair. Serena’s game” with Evgenia Akhremenko, who played the head of the mafia Olga Dasaeva, took place on December 10 in Poland and the Netherlands. This year the film will be released in Europe and America. Evgeniya’s character is a bloodthirsty Russian mafioso who settles an old  score with the main character Max, played by Armand Assante, known for Gangster (2007) and Judge Dredd (1995). 

The musical gangster comedy, Mister Mayfair is a trilogy about the ups and downs of former New York gangster turned London nightclub owner, Max Mayfair. In an attempt to escape his past, Max Mayfair builds himself a brand new life brimming with music and dance, surrounded by beautiful and talented people. However, Mister Mayfair’s picture-perfect new life turns upside down when his unknown granddaughter, arrives bearing stories of his past as a safe-cracking, New York gangster. The trilogy stars renowned actor Armand Assante as the titular character, along with movie industry veterans Steven Bauer and Ken Davitian. The trilogy is directed by Philippe Martinez and produced in partnership with SPI International, Goldfinch and 365 Flix International.