Miodrag Radonjic in the Serbian series about the young car thief called "South Wind"

16 september 2020 · News

The sequel of drama series “South Wind" Juzni vetar (original title) will be streaming from September 16 on the video service START.ru.  Viewers will see 14 episodes, based on the feature-length hit of the same name in Serbia about the car thief Petar Maras. The first 4 episodes are an expanded version of the film with new scenes, and another 10 are new adventures of the hero after his release from prison. The dynamic and tough TV series about the Belgrade underground can be compared with the famous Russian series “Bumer”. Actor Miodrag Radonjic will appear in one of the main roles in "South Wind".

 According to the plot of the series, a young car thief steals the wrong car from the wrong person, and everyone who is dear to him is targeted by the police and criminal gangs.  The solution is fair punishment. The hero pumped up in the prison gym is ready to return to normal life, but his former "colleagues" are waiting for a large supply of drugs from Latin America.