Premiere of the series “Consequences” with Marta Timofeeva on

31 may 2020 · News

The first episode of the new series “Consequences” by the director of “The Other Side of the Moon,” Alexander Kott, will appear on the Okko online cinema  on May 3. The 8 episode series, exclusively available to Okko subscribers, tells an intricate dramatic story about the life of a successful businessman Andrey. Marta Timofeeva played one of the daughters of the protagonist. The project starres Alexander Samoilenko, Alyona Babenko, Egor Koreshkov, Anastasia Matveeva and others.


A couple of years ago, Andrey accidentally found out that one of his three daughters was not from him. He divorced his wife and secured full custody of the children, forbidding his ex-wife to approach them. Everything was going well, but Andrey was given a terrible diagnosis: he was diagnosed with cancer, and there are only a few months left for him to live. He understands that daughters need a mother and proposes r to his girlfriend, but he meets his ex-wife  by chance and realizes that he still loves her. Every action, every step, every wrong choice aggravates the problems of the heroes. Will they be able to eliminate the consequences of their decisions? ..