In the new year of 2020 we will see Yulia Sobol in the exciting action movie "Legacy of Lies"

19 december 2019 · News

Yulia Sobol starred in the great international project "Legacy of Lies", which is scheduled for release in January 2020. The film starrs such actors as Scott Adkins, Martin MacDougal, Tom Ashley and others. The director is Ed Ball.

Martin Baxter an ex-CIA agent is thrown back into the world of espionage and high stakes when Sacha Stepanenko, a beautiful young Ukrainian journalist seeks his help uncovering the shocking truth about covert operations conducted by the Russian Secret Service.
What haunts former CIA agent Martin Baxter?…ancient enemies, unfinished business or a feeling of worthlessness? Ten years have passed since he resigned the CIA after making a fatal misjudgement in a covert op in Kiev in which he tried to get hold of secret files containing proof of operations conducted by the Russian Secret Service…Is he willing to die to reveal the truth or let millions of people die…?
The film is expected in January / February next year.