Sebastien Sisak in an interview for

25 may 2019 · News

Sebastien Sisak in an extraordinary representative of an acting profession, who is a notary at the same time. In an interview for Sebastien talks about how it feels to have two completely opposite professions.

R: Sebastien, please tell us, there were absolutely no prerequisites for becoming a notary and an actor in one in your life, weren't there?

S: There weren't. I was born in a family of polytechnicians. After finishing Law school at the age of 23, I became one of the youngest inquiry officers in Armenia. I decided to move to France due to corruption and political pressure on the representatives of this profession in Armenia.


R: Did you need to learn French and get a law degree again to work in France?

S: To be honest, I hardly slept. Indeed, I received supplementary education and my Master's degree specializing in notary. Every day I was learning French by translating one page of the administrative law. Since 2003 I began active work as a notary in Nice.


R: How did that happen that acting career was added to the stable profession of a lawyer?

S: In Armenia I took karate till I got a black belt. At the age of 15 I became the champion of Armenia in karate and for the next three years I remained the permanent holder of this title. In 2008, my friend and I visited a theatrical studio and I immediately was accepted . A year later, I worked in Nice as an actor and spent my vacation at the Avignon Festival. After that, I spent all my time on acting training.


R: And it must have been the Cannes Film Festival, which greatly helped your career?

S: In 2014, I was an honor for me to meet two brothers: one of them turned out to be a director, the other was a producer. Armenians by nationality, they were looking for an Armenian actor who speaks Russian perfectly for the role of a superhero in a children's film. Due to the fact that I speak Russian perfectly, I flew to London for a casting. I was cast in the role, and a year later I starred in the Russian film “Defenders”.


R: You have over 100 interviews and quite a big fan club!

S: Yes! I am very happy. I am very pleased that people treat me well!


R: There are 4 films and 12 short films or so-called mini-series credits. What do you get from this?

S: For me, this is all the development of brain activity, work on strategy and pure mathematics. And here's a joke: I learned to play the piano simply by repeating the same play every day for two hours. I used to plan every three years of my life in advance. Now I try to give life a chance to surprise me.

R: Russians obviously like you in the role of a “bad boy.”

S: Yes, these are my roles))


R: How do you feel most comfortable? In the quietness of legal documents or on the red carpet, in the light of spotlights?

S: I am quite an introverted person. Being close to other people I waste a lot of energy. After the show, I need silence to rest and replenish my energy. These two amazing professions give me an amazing balance.